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Welcome to the May edition of Inclusion News.

This month we have several articles to support you and your team.

Julie Hemmings (Inclusion Professional – Northern Region) has compiled information on language development.  It outlines speech and language development within the first 5 years of life.  It also provides some helpful tips on how educators can support children develop this skill

On the topic of language development, we also thought it timely to include information on support for children learning English as a subsequent language.  There are four stages that children progress through in English acquisition and we have provided the links to read more on this subject

In Lawrice Jack's (Inclusion Professional – Southern Region) article she highlights the role of the additional educator.  The additional educator role is often one that can become confused with the funding requirement.  The article contains some frequently asked questions and also some handy links for further information.

National Reconciliation Week 27th May - 3rd June, has the theme Grounded in Truth: Walk Together with Courage.  Narragunnawali have provided many links to resources and discussion points for this important week. We have also included links to Reconciliation Australia website.

We have also been in contact with the Department of Social Services in regards to some changes in user provisioning for the IS Portal.  This information will be useful for all services, in particular those who are gaining a standard AUSkey for new users.

As always we have noted some upcoming Professional Development opportunities, so make sure you check these out.


Language Development in Young Children


Our Inclusion Professional Julie Hemmings has written a short article on speech and language development.  In it, she outlines the stages that children go through in acquiring language and some helpful tips that educators can do to support this development.




Supporting Children Learning English as a Subsequent Language


There are many services who have children attending who are learning English as a second, third or fourth language (commonly referred to as learning a subsequent language).  Children progress through several stages of acquisition, which can be supported by early childhood educators.

The first link is a short snippet of basic information on stages of language acquisition and how educators can support children, sourced from a paper written by Dr Priscilla Clarke.

The second link takes you to the full version of the article for those wanting to develop more knowledge and insight into children learning English as a subsequent language.





Role of the Additional Educator


Have you ever wondered what the actual role of the additional educator entails?  Have you tried to explain the role to new educators?  Have you had families asking questions about one-to-one care for their child with high needs?

The following article by Inclusion Professional Lawrice Jack outlines the role and includes some frequently asked questions and responses.




National Reconcilitation Week
27th May - 3rd June


This year's theme, Grounded in Truth: Walk Together with Courage, reminds us that at the heart of reconciliation is the relationship between the broader Australian community and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.
Reconciliation Australia has designed a suite of free resources for early learning, primary and secondary classrooms. There is also a guide to unpacking the NRW poster and ideas for action. You can also purchase a limited edition NRW t-shirtdownload a poster and join a webinar. Don't forget to register your NRW event on Reconciliation Australia website, no matter how big or small!

We also have a link in the Upcoming Community Professional Development Opportunities for workshops for educators and teachers to explore Narragunnawali programs for schools and early learning services, so be sure to explore this.



Inclusion Support Portal
User Provisioning


There have been a few slight changes within the Department of Social Services in regard to email requirements for people requiring to access AUSkey for the Inclusion Support Portal.  The information sheet provides detail on the steps involved in Provisioning a new user and also what has changed.




Upcoming Community Professional Development Opportunities


OSHC Networking Group - South

Stepping Stones Lenah Valley OSHC have kindly opened their doors for the next OSHC Network Group gathering.

This is your chance to join this dynamic new group, coming together to share fresh ideas, build knowledge, strengthen connections and open the door to new opportunities



Leadership Breakfast Series

The Leadership Breakfast Series is an informal opportunity for you to listen and share professional knowledge over a delicious light breakfast before your working day.  Each breakfast will be hosted by on of the Gowrie Training and Consultancy Team and will offer a different and topical provocation for discussion through a leadership lens.  You will be able to delve deeper into the issues that matter to you, your team, children and families.
For more information please click on the link below



Looking at Marte Meo with Joy Elford

NEW 3 hour Marte Meo session
The Marte Meo method has been implemented in a variety of professions including education and care, teaching, health services, psychology, social services, nursing and disability and aged care services.  Marte Meo provides specific information around supoprting the social and emotional development of children in daily interaction moments.  It increases the capacity to read the developmental messages behind behaviour, to activate development rather than to compensate problems.  It explores the social and emotional elements of the developmental process and supports children's development in concrete and practical ways.

This session will introduce and discuss Marte Meo and provide practical examples of Marte Meo supportive communication techniques.

For more information and to register please follow the relevant link below.




Reconciliation in Schools and Early Learning

Reconciliation Tasmania is partnering with Reconciliation Australia to introduce the Narragunnawali program to schools and early learning centres.

Narragunnawali is an educational framework which supports schools and early learning services to foster an elevate level of knowledge and pride in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander histories, cultures and contributions.

For further information on these statewide sessions, please follow the link below.




Please note Lady Gowrie Tasmania Inclusion Agency has offices in all three regions of the state, however, as Inclusion Professionals work predominately in early childhood and child care services across the state, please direct any inquiries to head office where we can ensure a timely reply to your enquiry.

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