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Welcome to the June edition of Inclusion News.

In this edition we follow-up on our article on speech and language development and take a look at behaviour, both challenging and trauma related.  We also look at supports that can be built into your service to increase your own capacity so that you gain the best from Inclusion Professionals when they visit.

Across the state, we have seen an increase in the need for information and support on childhood trauma.  We all know that trauma affects the way a child regulates their behaviour, but did you know that there are far reaching impacts across all domains of development?  The fact sheet 'Impact of Childhood Trauma' serves as a great tool for clearly seeing these impacts.

All behaviour is a child's way of communicating a need which isn't being met.  In the article 'What is your child's challenging behaviour trying to tell you?' (taken from Developmental Disability WA) we look at what children are expressing through behaviour and how we as educators can recognise and support children.

As an Inclusion Agency, we want to provide the very best service we can to support all facets of education and care.  We have compiled a short list of areas where services can build capacity by referring to developmental milestones, working collaboratively with families, reflecting on skill sets within the service in supporting educators and providing indoor/outdoor environments.  We are hoping through your exploration of these points, that when we visit, we are able to support you with the next step.

Speech Pathology Australia has some fantastic resources available on their website.  The fact sheet attached outlines what children should be able to do at each stage of development.  This fact sheet follows on from our article last month around speech and language development.

As always, we have included upcoming community professional development opportunities.  We urge everyone, educators, leaders etc to explore what is on offer.

We welcome your feedback around topics of interest you would like more information on, so please don't hesitate to talk to your Inclusion Professional, or email


Impact of Childhood Trauma


We have been seeing an increase in requests for support relating to childhood trauma in some areas of the state.  Inclusion Agency Tasmania is currently working collaboratively with Gowrie Training and Consultancy to source appropriate childhood trauma professional development that will provide educators with not only greater understanding of early childhood trauma, but also provide educators with practical strategies for implementation within daily programs.  The following resource sheet details the significant impact trauma has on the developing child. 




What is your child's challenging behaviour trying to tell you?


The following article has information taken from a document produced by Developmental Disability WA.  The article outlines that behaviour is a child's way of communicating an unmet need and provides some useful strategies for implementation.

This article is written for families and can be used to facilitate conversations with a family or to support educators in their understanding of "what behaviour is trying to tell you"




Before you Request Support from the Inclusion Agency.....


We have compiled a short list of some areas of practice to be explored prior to submitting a request for Inclusion Agency support.  Exploring items on this list before an Inclusion Professional visits your service for a new request for IA support will assist education and care services and educator teams to receive tailored support and advice to meet the services identified barrier to inclusion.




Understanding and Speaking Between the Flags


Following on from our information around speech in our last newsletter, we have provided an information sheet from Speech Pathology Australia.  This document outlines communication milestones at each stage of development.




Upcoming Community Professional Development Opportunities



This year's theme for NAIDOC Week is Voice.  Treaty.  Truth: Let's Work Together for a Shared Future.

It acknowledges that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples have always wanted an enhanced role in decision-making in Australian democracy.  NAIDOC Week is held on the 7th and 14th of July 2019.

For further information on NAIDOC Week, please follow the link below.

We have also included links to the Tasmanian Aboriginal Centre's events for each region.






Gowrie Training and Consultancy

Gowrie Training and Consultancy have a calendar of events coming up for the winter/spring period.  Training includes:

  • The Evolution of Play - Hobart, Launceston and Burnie
  • Handmade:Creative Skills for the 21st Century
  • Looking at Marte Meo with Joy Elford - Hobart and Launceston



Reconciliation in Schools and Early Learning

Reconciliation Tasmania is partnering with Reconciliation Australia to introduce the Narragunnawali program to schools and early learning centres.

Narragunnawali is an educational framework which supports schools and early learning services to foster an elevate level of knowledge and pride in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander histories, cultures and contributions.

For further information on these statewide sessions, please follow the link below.



The Orb

The Orb is a collection of online resources to assist the teaching of Tasmanian Aboriginal histories and cultures. The Orb has been developed by Aboriginal Education Services, Department of Education, Tasmania.




Please note Lady Gowrie Tasmania Inclusion Agency has offices in all three regions of the state, however, as Inclusion Professionals work predominately in early childhood and child care services across the state, please direct any inquiries to head office where we can ensure a timely reply to your enquiry.

Operational Hours

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