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Welcome to the July edition of Inclusion News

In this edition, we take a look at a blog on being outside to develop the vestibular sense.  This sense involves a person being aware of their body in space and the outdoors being an effective way of developing it.  The blog also discusses how a well developed vestibular sense can positively impact on other areas of development.

We provide a follow-on from our article last month on what children's behaviours are telling us.  This article outlines a method for supporting children through challenges.

National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Children's Day is held on the 4th of August each ear.  We have provided a link for further information around this day and resources that are available.

We are also supporting the Outcomes Measurement Project once again this year.  Inclusion Professionals will be asking for and supporting your participation in this valuable research into the Inclusion Support Programme.  We have provided an overview of this project to refresh your memory on the purpose of the research.  If you didn't participate last year and would like to this time, please contact the Inclusion Agency so an Inclusion Professional can support you in this process.

And finally we have some information on a support group for families of children with disabilities, developmental delays or chronic medical conditions.  This group has been organised to provide peer support, access to information and to develop knowledge around services that are available.

As always we have links to some upcoming professional development opportunities.  Make sure you check these out, as there are some really exciting courses available.



The Incredible Importance of Developing the Vestibular Sense


The vestibular sense, also known as the balance sense, is the awareness of your body in space.  This blog discusses why developing a child's vestibular sense should be a primary motivator for getting children outside more often.




Observing Children Deepens our Understanding of their Behaviour (BETLS tool)


Understanding why a child behaves a certain way can inform decisions and planning of how educators respond.  This article written by BeYou and posted on the Spoke Early Childhood Australia's Blog, discusses behaviours and provides examples of the BETLS tool




National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Children's Day


National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Children's Day (Children's Day) is the largest national day to celebrate Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children.  Children's Day is celebrated across Australia each year on the 4th of August.

Children's Day is a time for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander families to celebrate the strengths and culture of their children.  The day is an opportunity for all Australians to show their support for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children, as well as learn about the crucial impact that culture, family and community play in the life of every child.



Outcomes Measurement Project  Phase 2


From July to October last year, we asked many services to participate in an Outcomes Measurement Project.  For the research team at Macquarie University to gain information about the functionality of the Inclusion Support Programme, they need to conduct a second phase of the Outcomes Measurement Project.

We will again, be asking for your participation in this valuable project.  Feedback from phase one was positive and well received, with Tasmania having an extremely high rate of surveys completed.

Attached below is some information around the purpose behind the project to refresh everyone's memory.




MyTime: Supporting Parents of Children with Disabilities


MyTime groups offer facilitated peer support to parents of children with disabilities, developmental delays or chronic medical conditions.  Members can build social connections with others in their area, learn about local services and supports and access evidence-based information.
If you feel these groups could be of benefit to families in your service, the link below is a flyer which may assist in your conversations and provide contact information.




Upcoming Community Professional Development Opportunities


Little Scientists Optics Workshops
Enjoy a day full of lights, colours and optical illusions.  Explore the land of mirrors, colourful shadows and nature's paint palette.

Appreciate the magic of colour, mirrors and shadows through the eyes of a child.  Discover the empowering effects of child-led inquiry projects in early childhood and become immersed in your own inquiry project.

Statewide 6th - 9th August



The Great Outdoors
How did youplay as a child, where did you play and what did you learn by playing?

More likely than not you spent a lot of your time outdoors, exploring and investigating a complex, intriguing, ever-changing and often unpredictable world.

So, what has changed?  Why are we seeing children spending more time indoors?  And what can we do to reconnect children to the great outdoors?





Confident and Capable
This 3-hour workshop will be facilitated by Scott Gibson, who will ensure participants build practical skills and confidence, whilst developing a deeper understanding of the benefits of woodworking with children.  A wide variety of tools and resources will be supplied to maximise this learning experience.




Using Creative Arts Methods in Therapy with Young People
Creativity can be a powerful tool for engagement, developing insight and motivating change for our clients. Creative interventions can be used exclusively or in addition to traditional ‘talk therapy,’ with clients of all ages.  This conversational and experiential workshop is designed as a taster course.  Saria and Renee will provide their tips on getting started using creative methods in your practice with young people - including music, symbols, art, and narrative techniques. They will include some background theory, practical examples, case studies and experiential activities in this interactive workshop




Please note Lady Gowrie Tasmania Inclusion Agency has offices in all three regions of the state, however, as Inclusion Professionals work predominately in early childhood and child care services across the state, please direct any inquiries to head office where we can ensure a timely reply to your enquiry.

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