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Inclusion News

Welcome to our April edition of Inclusion News.
The first article we share in this edition ‘Routines – Opportunities for learning and connecting’ reminds educators of the value routines have both within the lives of adults as well as children.  Routines offer enormous potential for enriching children’s lives and provide meaningful opportunities for engagement and learning. 
Inclusion Professionals are often asked by educators about supporting self-regulation skills in children, our second article ‘Self-regulation in young children’ supports educators understanding of how self-regulation develops in children together with strategies which support children’s learning.   Lunar New Year is a significant cultural celebration for families from Asian backgrounds.  In our third article Inclusion Professional Helen Mounster shares Lady Gowrie University South Education and Care service’s celebrations with families. Our final article ‘Visual Supports’ supports educators understanding of why the use of visuals within all aspects of daily programs supports all children not just children with additional needs.
We hope you enjoy reading these articles and that they become topics for discussion and reflection during team and/or staff meetings.  Finally within this edition we have included a link to Lady Gowrie Tasmania Inclusion Agency Referral form.  Please take the opportunity to save a copy of our IA Referral form to your computer desktop for easy access throughout 2018.    



Routines: Opportunities for Learning and Connecting


In the toddler room at Halifax St Children’s Centre, the children are invited to be a part of every moment of the routines that occur each day. This is particularly the case at lunch time. Children collect crockery and cutlery from the kitchen, clean the tables, prepare face washers and set the plates and glasses around the tabletable’ (Karen Winderlich, Early Childhood Teacher). 




Self-Regulation in Young Children


Over time Inclusion Professionals have noticed an increase in the number of referrals from services currently supporting children who present with challenging behaviours.  The following article from Raising Children - the Australian Parenting website defines self-regulation and includes strategies to support children to develop self-regulation skills.
Dr Emma Little is a Child and Adolescent Psychologist, who also has children of her own.  She has over 17 years’ experience working in Child Psychology, has written a book, many professional papers, and numerous articles for the media.  Her expertise involves working with preschool and primary school age children on a range of issues including: Anxiety in Children, Behaviour problems and Anger Management.
Please note this article has been written for parents so some language, eg. praise doesn't align with practitioner knowledge, however concepts and strategies are consistent across home and ECCC environments.





Lunar New Year Celebrations:
A Service Perspective on Sharing Culture


Helen Mounster is an Inclusion Professional working within our Hobart office.  During Chinese New Year, Helen worked with Lady Gowrie University South Education and Care Service to celebrate this culturally significant event.  The article details the motivation and outcomes revealed throughout the organisation and implementation of the celebration.






There was a lot of interest around our visual training sessions held throughout the state recently.  Inclusion Professionals are looking forward to supporting services to implement learnings from these valuable sessions regarding visual supports within all aspects of daily practice.  The following article provides further information and food for thought for educator teams when implementing visual supports.




Inclusion Agency Referral Form 2018


The link to the 2018 Inclusion Agency Referral Form.




Please note Lady Gowrie Tasmania Inclusion Agency has offices in all three regions of the state, however, as Inclusion Professionals work predominately in early childhood and child care services across the state, please direct any inquiries to head office where we can ensure a timely reply to your enquiry.

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