Inclusion Support Programme

Phone: 6230 6840

Lady Gowrie Tasmania is the state-wide provider of Inclusion Support Programme (ISP) which is funded by the Australian Government Department of Education and Training.

The ISP is a key component of the Government’s Child Care Safety Net and will provide support to early childhood and childcare (ECCC) services to build their capacity and capability to include children with additional needs in mainstream services; providing them with an opportunity to learn and develop alongside their typically developing peers.

Lady Gowrie Tasmania Inclusion Agency (IA) has a network of inclusion professionals across the state to provide tailored support to eligible Early Childhood and Child Care (ECCC) services to support the inclusion of children with additional needs through capacity and capability building, and providing solutions to barriers to inclusion. Support may include (but is not limited to):

  • site visits to services to assess care environments and existing inclusion capability and assist with reflective practice
  • assistance to develop and/or review a tailored Strategic Inclusion Plan
  • practical advice and strategies on effective inclusive practice, including techniques for improvement and solutions to address particular barriers
  • facilitating access to the Specialist Equipment Library
  • reviewing and endorsing applications for support from the Inclusion Development Fund.

While there is no national definition of ‘additional needs’, a range of risk factors may (but not always) lead children with particular characteristics to be vulnerable to suboptimal learning and life outcomes. These include (but are not limited to):

  • children with disability including those undergoing assessment for disability
  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children
  • children from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds
  • children from a refugee or humanitarian background
  • children with serious medical condition/s.
  • children presenting with language and speech delays
  • children presenting with disruptive behaviour.

Click here for the Inclusion Agency brochure

July 2nd 2018 Child Care Subsidy

From 2 July 2018, there will be a New Child Care Package providing more support for families. This link provides targeted information for services accessing the Inclusion Support Programme (ISP) to assist smooth transition to the Child Care Subsidy System (CCSS).

ISP Guidelines

The ISP Guidelines contain information for ECCC services and other stakeholders about the programme’s objectives, the types of support available under the new ISP and how to access support.

For ECCC Services requiring support

To request support the following IA Referral and Parent Permission form must be completed and emailed to

2019 Request For Inclusion Support Form


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Inclusion Support Portal

The IS Portal is a web-based application that will facilitate ECCC services interaction with the ISP. IAs and the Inclusion Development Fund Manager (IDFM) will also access the IS Portal to administer the programme.

All eligible ECCC services seeking assistance and support from the ISP must use the IS Portal, unless they do not have access to appropriate technology such as Budget Based Funded (BBF) services. Where this occurs, the IA may provide the service with paper-based information to complete.

The IS portal will enable an ECCC service to:

  • Complete and manage their SIP
  • Apply for funding assistance from all streams of the Inclusion Development Fund (IDF) and submit to their IA for endorsement
  • Declare funding expenditure for Innovative Solutions.

The IS Portal can be accessed via either the Australian Government Department of Education and Training or Inclusion Development Fund Manager (IDFM) website where ECCC services will also be able to source up to date information regarding all aspects of Inclusion Development Fund (IDF).

For further information regarding the ISP and IS Portal please refer to ISP User Guide

Accessing the IS Portal

The Australian Government standard for all online services is that individual users must be identified when accessing government services online. As the IS Portal collects and stores personal information, there is a requirement that the Department provides appropriate authentication to ensure all users are authorised to access the system.

To meet this standard, the Department is requiring IS Portal users to use AUSkey.

AUSkey is a secure login that identifies you when you use participating government online services on behalf of a business. Obtaining an AUSkey number is free, however it requires a software product (which can be downloaded for free from the Australian Business Register website) to be installed on your computer or USB. Where AUSkey is installed on a USB, you are able to use it on multiple devices. AUSkey cannot be used on mobile devices (such as phones or tablets).

More information about AUSkey is available on the Australian Business Register or

Strategic Inclusion Plan (SIP)

The Overview of the Strategic Inclusion Plan (SIP) provides ECCC services with relevant information and guidance on how to complete a SIP.

Specialist Equipment Library

Lady Gowrie Tasmania Inclusion Agency directly manages Specialist Equipment Library (SEL). Specialist Equipment Library comprises a range of equipment and resources which are available to eligible education and care services (excluding in home care and specialist services) to assist the inclusion of a child that has demonstrated an ongoing need for a high level of support in the care environment.

The equipment is obtained through either purchase or loan upon a recommendation from a specialist therapist indicating this equipment will support the inclusion of the child. Specialist professionals provide training to early childhood and child care (ECCC) service practitioners in the use of the equipment. Early childhood and child care services can make a request for Specialised Equipment by contacting;

Free call: 1800 647 718

Phone: (03) 6230 6840

Fax: (03) 6230 6855

Specialist Equipment forms

Updated: 12th October 2016

Specialist Equipment can be accessed here

Specialist Equipment request form

Specialist Equipment Purchase Request Form

Specialist Equipment Transfer Request Form

Specialist Equipment Information for Early Childhood and Child Care Services

Attachment A – Receipt of Equipment

Attachment B – Notification of Faults or Damage

Attachment C – Return Of Equipment

Submitting a Complaint

It is a requirement of the contract agreement to provide a Complaints Handling Strategy. Lady Gowrie Tasmania Inclusion Agency recognises the rights of clients. An effective complaints handling system is an essential part of providing a quality service. It is a measure of client satisfaction. It provides positive feedback about aspects of the service that work well and is a useful source of information for improvement when there is a level of dissatisfaction with the service offered. Quality customer service consists of providing the appropriate service at the outset. Dealing with complaints is an opportunity for reflection on practice and continuous improvement. An effective complaints system will benefit the Inclusion Agency by:

  • Creating a second chance to provide service and satisfaction to dissatisfied clients;
  • Identifying areas that need improvement; and
  • Assisting in planning and allocation of resources.

Part of the Inclusion Agency’s commitment to excellence in service delivery is to encourage feedback. We welcome compliments if you are particularly impressed with any aspect of our service and are happy to listen to your complaints and guide you through the complaints handling process.

Click here to download the Complaint Handling Strategy document.

Click here to download the Complaints & Feedback form.

Operational Hours

Operating 51 weeks of the year

Monday to Friday 8:00am – 6:00pm (Head Office)

After hours by arrangement

Lady Gowrie Tasmania Inclusion Agency

Head Office Contact Details

Head Office
Head Office 346 Macquarie St,
South Hobart, TAS, 7004.
Phone 1800 647 718
6230 6840
Fax (03) 6230 6855
Regional Offices
Launceston Burnie
56 Frederick St, Launceston, Tas, 7250. 11 Queen St, Burnie, Tas, 7320.
Phone: 6324 1360 Phone: 6431 3026

Please note Lady Gowrie Inclusion Agency has offices in all three regions of the state however, as Inclusion Professionals work predominately in early childhood and child care services across the state, please direct any enquiries to head office where we can ensure a timely reply to your enquiry.