How to assist your children to read

How to assist your children to read


How to Assist your Children to Read

The first five years are the most crucial in terms of learning and development for children.   Providing an environment that supports strong emergent literacy foundations and lifelong learning capabilities is important.   Opportunities to access books and encourage the love of reading should be an everyday experience as it builds a foundation for the future.   Families play a key role by sharing stories, rhymes, singing, talking and playing with their children.

Use the three P’s – pause, prompt and praise – when they are reading aloud

  • PAUSE when they don’t know a word, giving them a chance to have a try
  • PROMPT them to go back and re read the sentence, look at the sound the word begins with, or use pictures to give them a clue to what the word might be
  • PRAISE them for their effort.

When the adult is reading to the child:

  • Keeping reading to the child even when they can read themselves.
  • Try different places and scenes such as while they’re in the bath or garden.
  • Make going to a good bookshop a treat.