Celebrating 80 Years 1939 – 2019

Celebrating 80 Years 1939 – 2019


There are countless individuals, both past and present, who have been and continue to be an important part of the Lady Gowrie Tasmania story. Their contribution across the past 80 years is acknowledged and valued as they paved the way for others to follow. To those who have been so generous with their time – to reminisce and provide their stories for this publication, again this is so highly appreciated.

Lady Gowrie Tasmania engaged the Gowrie Training & Consultancy team to take the lead in researching and documenting the 80-year history publication. This publication is only a snapshot as it impossible to capture the immense contribution of the many people involved in the Lady Gowrie Tasmania story.

On behalf of children, families and those who work on a daily basis with them, I take the opportunity to thank Gowrie Training & Consultancy for undertaking the enormous task of mapping the past 80  years of this amazing and resilient organisation.

William McShane
Chair, Board of Directors

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