Lady Gowrie Tasmania is a community based not for profit incorporated association governed by a voluntary Board of Directors who takes responsibility for the functions, roles, duties and obligations of organisational governance. The Board determines the strategic direction for the organisation and engage a Chief Executive Officer together with the Senior Management Team (SMT) to carry out the operational aspects and day to day management of the organisation.

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The Board Directors are selected for their knowledge, experience and skills across the range of professional disciplines required to govern and conduct a sustainable and viable community organisation.

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Our Mission

Lady Gowrie Tasmania’s core business is the provision of quality programs and services to the community that promotes the best outcomes for children, families and early and middle childhood professionals.

Our Vision

Lady Gowrie Tasmania’s vision is that:

  • Families are supported.
  • Children realise their full potential and are at the heart of all practice.
  • Early and middle childhood education and care services are valued and supported.
  • Qualified and experienced early and middle childhood educators are vital.
  • Ongoing professional learning and development enhances practice.
  • Quality matters.
  • The community benefits.

Our work is informed by our:

  • Commitment to the Rights of the Child.
  • Knowledge of early and middle childhood development, learning and pedagogy.
  • Commitment to evidence based research and practice.
  • Commitment to evidence based research and practice.
  • Commitment to social inclusion and a just society.
  • Respect for the rights, aspirations and beliefs of all families.
  • Commitment to meaningful and respectful partnerships.
  • The active involvement of key stakeholders.
  • A true commitment to reconciliation.

Our Values

In developing and implementing the Strategic Plan the organisation act consistently with the following Lady Gowrie Tasmania values:

  • Quality – we strive for consistent quality across all services and programs. We stand up for what we believe
  • Reciprocal relationships – we seek to build strong, respectful and trusting relationships between children, families, early and middle childhood educators, leaders and the broader sector community. We will listen, share and value thoughts, ideas and opinions in working with others
  • Community participation – we promote and facilitate community participation
  • Respecting difference – we value, work with, and promote acceptance of diversity in the community
  • Integrity and accountability – we ensure informed, ethical and transparent use of all resources. Our conviction and integrity guide what we do and how we do it everyday
  • Innovation – we reflect on our work to continuously improve practice and ensure relevant and responsive service provision
  • Collaboration – we share knowledge and work with others to achieve positive outcomes for children, families, early and middle childhood educators and the community
  • Leadership – we acknowledge that strong pedagogical and visionary leadership is essential to support the delivery of quality programs and to sustain the organisation into the future.

Our Purpose

Lady Gowrie Tasmania promotes the best outcomes for children, families and early and middle childhood professionals. Such outcomes are far reaching beyond those required by compliance and regulations. This is achieved by:

  • Providing quality early and middle childhood education and care services for children from birth to twelve years of age through centre based child care, family day care, outside school hours care, occasional care and preschool programs
  • Using an outcome based framework to measure success
  • Supporting families in their parenting role through family support services
  • Coordinating and providing a range of professional learning and mentorship opportunities and consulting services to early and middle childhood educators, allied professionals, health and welfare professionals and the broader community
  • Supporting education and care services and building capacity in inclusive practice
  • Working in collaboration and partnership with alliances, agencies and organisations
  • Being a not for profit social enterprise with a commitment to invest in the community
  • Committing to best practice governance principles
  • Continuing to be an employer of choice by committing to a skilled and professional workforce
  • Being innovative, forward thinking, progressive and responsive organisation
  • Diversifying services, broadening reach and identifying appropriate business models for different services
  • Positioning ourselves to strengthen and broaden our reach locally and nationally through direct service provision, collaborating with government to influence policy and practice
  • Advocating for quality education and care and family services as a valued, respected and vital community service which significantly contributes to the optimal development and well-being of children and their families, as well as the economic benefits for Australia.

Position Statement

Our role in achieving this vision is to reflect our position statement which was developed in consultation with key internal and external stakeholders:

  • Lady Gowrie Tasmania has a rich heritage and strong values. While each program offers something different, they have all been established to achieve one thing – to give children the best start in life.
  • The organisation has a simple philosophy – Children First.
  • Lady Gowrie Tasmania is a community based not for profit organisation. Any surplus is reinvested to support the provision of the best standard of care and education.
  • Ultimately it’s all about a partnership, and Lady Gowrie Tasmania works with families, early childhood professionals and the broader community to ensure children are happy, healthy and develop a love of learning.
  • Lady Gowrie. Children First.

Commitment to Reconciliation

Lady Gowrie Tasmania is strongly committed to reconciliation and specifically acknowledges our Nations First People and the rights of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children and their families, and the past and current injustices and realities for them around Australia. Lady Gowrie Tasmania celebrate their culture and acknowledge that they have been nurturing and teaching children on this land for many decades and we continue to honour and respect that role.