Professional Development and Support -
Professional Support Coordinator (PSC)

The Professional Support Coordinator (PSC) is part of the Inclusion and Professional Support Program (IPSP) funded by the Australian Government Department of Social Services.

The Professional Support Coordinator (PSC) in Tasmania is delivered by Lady Gowrie Tasmania. PSC delivers professional development and support to eligible Early and Middle Childhood Education Care Services to increase on the capacity of Educators in meeting and understanding requirements of the National Quality Framework inclusive of the National Quality Standards and Approved Learning Frameworks.

The objectives of the PSC is to provide professional development that meets the needs of eligible education and care services, and that is based on evidence and good practice, in order to:

  • Drive continuous improvement;
  • Support services to meet the National Quality Standard, in particular with self assessment and development of Quality Improvement Plans, and to understand and implement approved learning frameworks, including the Early Years Learning Framework, and the Framework for School Age Care.
  • Prepare and support educators for their changing roles under the National Quality Framework, and enhance their knowledge and skills on existing and new areas of practice; and
  • Support the inclusion of children from diverse backgrounds.

Education and care services can contact PSC for support and advice. PSC engages consultants to deliver professional learning and support appropriate to the service's identified need.

PSC provides Freecall phone access to support the resource and advisory role. The website provides information on the functions of the PSC as well as current information and fact sheets.

The IPSP - Professional Support Coordinator video can be viewed here.

The IPSP - Professional Support Coordinator animation clip can be viewed here.


Consultants can register an expression of interest by contacting PSC (see details below).

Operational Details

  • Operating 51 weeks of the year
  • Monday to Friday 8.00am - 6.00pm
  • After hours by arrangement

Professional Support Coordinator Contact Details

Address:229 Campbell Street, Hobart, TAS, 7000.
Postal Address:P.O. Box 263, North Hobart, TAS, 7002.
Freecall:1800 647 718
Phone:(03) 6230 6824
Fax:(03) 6230 6839

Consultants are available to support services on their professional learning journey including advice, information, and training to support services to meet and exceed the requirements of the National Quality Framework and continual improvement. Phone 1800 647 718 or email for further information.

PSC undertakes to respond to your request within 2 business days.

Request Support or Training

Professional Development

PSC provides a diverse range of flexible professional development options for all service types and regions within Tasmania.

Professional development and support may include:

Accredited and non-accredited courses;
Conversations and informal sessions;
Events, forums, hubs and networks;
Collaborative projects;
Mentoring and coaching;
Advice and information; and
Access to information/resources.

Professional learning is facilitated by a Consultant who has expertise in that specific area of support. PSC maintains a register of consultants to support meeting the specific needs of education and care services.

Throughout the year in addition to the Calendar events, keep an eye out for Special Events. Flyers will be attached to a PSC email notifying the sector of the upcoming professional learning opportunities. Professional learning and support is provided statewide and is designed to meet local needs. A nominal fee will apply and will be advertised for each session.

Current Courses and Programs

Online Training Packages

Continuous improvement is essential to the provision of quality education and care. Educators choosing to undertake study and/or professional development to upgrade their knowledge and skill base have a range of options. Learning Packages provide an opportunity for educators in education and care settings to study a topic at their own pace. The Learning Packages are ideal for services to use as a whole team, room teams or for individuals keen to gain knowledge in specific areas.

Each package contains self-help questions to guide the learner through the topic and assist in reflecting on what learning has taken place. The packages also contain assessment tasks which can be used as a basis for group discussion and further learning.

For assistance with learning packages please contact: PSC (freecall): 1800 647 718

PSC Newsletters

Please feel free to click on any of the links below to view previous PSC Newsletters.

2015 Newsletters

Conferences & Events

PSC provides details of upcoming conferences and events of interest as they arise. Any training option offered by is also available to non-eligible child care services on a fee-for-service basis.

If you have a specific training need or would like to know more about the range of options, contact PSC via the freecall Helpline 1800 647 718 or email .

Fee Schedule

Click here to download the 2015 PSC Fee Structure

Bi Cultural Support

Bi-cultural Support provides additional resources to eligible education and care services to assist with the inclusion of children from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds (CALD), refugee children, and Indigenous children.

A worker engaged through Bicultural Support can offer time-limited support from either off-site consultants or an on-site casual bilingual or bicultural worker. This support can be provided when a CALD, Indigenous, or refugee child is enrolled at the education and care service. Access to bicultural support is provided to eligible education and care services free of charge.

The two step model for Bicultural Support includes:

  • Supporting services to be inclusive through building the capacity and raising the awareness of specific support services available through the Inclusion Support Agencies
  • Ensuring a consistent approach by Inclusion Support Agencies to service delivery. The placement of onsite bilingual and bicultural workers is used to provide specific language and cultural assistance to eligible education and care services. Education and care services can make a request for Bicultural Support through the respective regional Inclusion Support Agency or the Indigenous Professional Support Unit.

Download the Bicultural Support Information Sheet for Services and the PSCA Bicultural Support Request Form here

Freecall:1800 647 718
Phone:(03) 6230 6824
Fax:(03) 6230 6839


Specialist Equipment

The Professional Support Co-ordinator (PSC) directly manages Specialist Equipment. Specialist Equipment comprises a range of equipment and resources which are available to eligible education and care services (excluding in home care) to assist the inclusion of a child that has demonstrated an ongoing need for a high level of support in the education and care environment.

The equipment is obtained through either purchase or loan upon a recommendation from a specialist therapist indicating this equipment will support the inclusion of the child. Specialist professionals provide training to education and care service practitioners in the use of the equipment.

Education and care services can make a request for Specialised Equipment through the respective regional Inclusion Support Agency or the Indigenous Professional Support Unit.

Freecall:1800 647 718
Phone:(03) 6230 6824
Fax:(03) 6230 6839

Specialist Equipment forms

Fact Sheets and Resources

Quality Area 1 - Educational Program and Practice
Quality Area 2 - Children's Health and Safety
Quality Area 3 - Physical Environment
Quality Area 4 - Staffing Arrangements
Quality Area 5 - Relationships with Children
Quality Area 6 - Collaborative Partnerships with Families and Communities
Quality Area 7 - Leadership and Service Management
Valuing Diversity
"How To" Professional Development Resource Series
Gowrie Australia - Assessment in the Early Years

National Quality Framework Resources

NQF Online Learning Packages (PSCA)

Learning Frameworks

Additional NQF Resources

IPSP Online Library

The Online Library commenced in 2014 to creating a single collection of online resources and publications to provide comprehensive, practical information and support to assist in meeting the inclusion and professional development needs of Education and Care services.

The library is being developed in stages with the first stage making existing PSC materials available. A second stage Jan-June 2014 will invite materials from the other IPSP Alliances and key stakeholders.

The library will be accessed through the PSC Alliance website (, and resources will be made available free of charge. Exploring a range of themes and ideas relevant to the sector, available resources will include;

  • in-service training materials (manuals, training materials, online modules, workbooks, visual aids, audio-visual material);
  • fact sheets, pamphlets and newsletters;
  • journals and professional literature; and
  • resources that support quality programs, and that enable cultural inclusion and bilingual education for educators and children.


The IPSP online library will provide resources that are appropriate, up to date, of high quality, and in formats which are easily accessed.


Lady Gowrie Tasmania is the Professional Support Coordinator (PSC) for Tasmania.

Lady Gowrie Tasmania Head Office is located at 'Glenora'
229 Campbell Street Hobart.


Freecall 1800 647 718
Fax 03 6230 6839
Post PO Box 263 North Hobart Tasmania 7002

Additional Contacts

Other state Professional Support Coordinators

The Inclusion and Professional Support Program is funded by the
Australian Government Department of Social Services.